Mix aug & sept 2013!

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These photos were taken in August and September 2013. It will be a mix of photos from a walk in the woods, a visit to Nordens ark, Marstrand and Vinga.

This day began with beautiful weather and ended with storm and rain. But i get some photos of Vinga lighthouse.

Good to have if The Danish come.

Vinga lighthouse.

Here comes the storm.

A butterfly sucking nectar from a flower in Svartedalen forests.

Here, I managed to take a photo of one flying.

Yet another that suck nectar.

A dragonfly sunning on a rock.

A lovely day in Marstrand. Beautiful but a little crooked house.

It was the sekelskiftesdagarna when we got to the island, festivities and costumed people.

Beautiful car with classy people in.

Fine details on this beautiful wooden boat.

In Nordens ark had the Amur tigers kids, very cute.

One wanted jump in and pet them, but it probably would not have gone so well.

Yet another cute picture.

A bird of prey was playing with a big stick.

I heard a scream in the woods and a moment later came this wolf out with a rabbit that had chosen the wrong woods to run in.

Huge teeth, you understand that this is dangerous animals.

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