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Here you will find clips from youtube, which I think is fun. Hope you have the same humor as me. These are probably most fun if you know the Swedish language.

Talented children from North Korea.

Benny the talking dog.

The story of Älvsborg fort.

Crazy tour guide.

Spicy sausage.

Grotesco: It is the gay people's fault.

Henrik Dorsin is a talented guy: A fork short.

Yet another with Dorsin: Bestefar og jeg.

Sausage and macaroni.

Sand Art.

Pentagon: pun.

King on the dance floor.

Workers Song from Gothenburg.

From the movie Kopps.

Galenskaparna: Mother in skutan.

Galenskaparna: World Championships in Athletics.

Do not move to Tjörn.

Galenskaparna: Perkele.

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